Tan Mesh Tarp – 70% Shade


  • Heavy Duty polyethylene
  • 6.7 oz per square yard
  • 70% Shade, 30% Light Allowance
  • Full UV protection
  • Breathable material
  • Mildew resistant
  • Acid-resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Hemmed & Reinforced Edges
  • Arctic Flexibility
  • Grommets:  Rust-resistant brass grommets / spacing approx. 24″
  • Size: The actual size is the same as the finished size (+/-) 1-2″ tolerance

This tarp is custom-made and takes approximately 5-10 business days to manufacture.

All custom-made tarps are FINAL SALE.

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The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is one of the most popular mesh tarps for patio cover, greenhouse covers, landscape, gardens, plant nursery, and bug netting curtains. The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is excellent to use to shade plants from the harsh sun while allowing air to flow in and out, such as for gardening, greenhouse coverings for orchids, philodendrons, or ferns.

The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is perfect for both residential and commercial use. The percentage tagged with the 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp indicates how much light is blocked. The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarps are designed to provide 70% shade while allowing 30% light- giving protection from the sun while allowing light and air to pass through. The open weave, screen-like material in the green garden mesh provides sun blockage as well as airflow.

USES IN TRUCKING: Not only is the 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp used for gardening purposes, the 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is popular in the trucking industry to secure and cover truck pickup beds since the green garden mesh allows wind to pass through while protecting the load from the sun.

CONSTRUCTION SITES: The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is popular in construction sites for fencing and for enclosures that keep dirt and debris inside the construction zone while keeping trespassers out. Also, the 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is perfect as a solution to cover untidy areas while the project is in progression, and for providing privacy from onlookers.

RESIDENTIAL: The 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp provides excellent covers for barns, pool, pergola, carport, and boats. For outdoor uses, 70% Shade Tan Mesh Tarp is perfect for patios, awnings, canopies, and cabanas.


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