Clear Tarps – 20 Mil Vinyl Heavy Duty

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The standard 18 oz heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is the most commonly used across industries since it is known for its reliability as well as long lasting tough material. Our heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is designed to be waterproof, decay-proof, mildew resistant, acid resistant, grease resistant, and tear resistant to give you long-lasting use for years.

Our heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is great if you need tarps that is durable and can handle tough, demanding jobs.

The heavy-duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is ideal for agriculture, construction, and industrial.

These vinyl tarps are made to order. They take approximately 10-15 business days to manufacture.

Don’t find the size you want?  Get it custom made!  Order It Here!

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Get our most popular heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin direct from Tarps & Tie Downs for all your project needs. Our vinyl tarpaulin is custom made-to-order, so choose from our selection of vinyl tarp sizes.

MATERIAL: Our heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is 100% waterproof, mildew resistant, oil/grease resistant, and resilient to tearing, making it great for outdoor as well as indoor projects. The 18 oz tag on our vinyl clear tarpaulin indicates the overall weight of the clear tarpaulin per square yard, which gives you an idea of the thickness and density of the product. Designed to withstand heavy use, our heavy-duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is reinforced with heat-sealed seams and rust-resistant grommets spaced 24 inches.

USAGE: The standard 18 oz, heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is our most popular tarp because of its versatility and durability. Made with tough, industrial strength material, the heavy-duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is made to last for years even in the harshest environmental conditions. Our clear tarpaulin can withstand all ranges of temperature and climate, and hold up in high winds, rainstorms, freezing temperatures, and constant exposure to salt water or the desert heat. Because of its tough material, the standard 18 oz heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is often used for jobs that are demanding, such as in agriculture industries and trucking industries. Our heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is used when it’s important to have visibility and, at the same time, shield objects from the elements like rain and sun or wind. That’s why it’s commonly used as party tents or in work and factory environments.

PROJECTS: Our heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is popularly used for:
– Recreational/ Sports Venues
– Camping
– Residential Use
– Car and Boat Cover
– RV Covers
– Home Covers
– Canopy & Events
– Construction
– Dump Trucks
– Flatbed Hauling
– Agriculture
– Hay Tarps

Order tarps direct from us to purchase heavy duty vinyl clear tarpaulin at an affordable price.

These vinyl tarps are made to order. They take approximately 10-15 business days to manufacture.

The actual size is the same as the finished size.

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05' X 05', 05' X 07', 05' X 10', 05' X 15', 05' X 20', 06' X 08', 06' X 10', 06' X 12', 06' X 15', 06' X 18', 06' X 20', 06' X 25', 06' X 30', 06' X 50', 07' X 09', 07' X 10', 08' X 08', 08' X 10', 08' X 12', 08' X 15', 08' X 16', 08' X 18', 08' X 20', 08' X 25', 08' X 30', 08' X 50', 09' X 09', 09' X 12', 10' X 10', 10' X 12', 10' X 14', 10' X 15', 10' X 16', 10' X 18', 10' X 20', 10' X 22', 10' X 24', 10' X 25', 10' X 28', 10' X 30', 10' X 40', 10' X 50', 10' X 60', 12' X 12', 12' X 14', 12' X 15', 12' X 16', 12' X 18', 12' X 20', 12' X 24', 12' X 25', 12' X 28', 12' X 30', 12' X 32', 12' X 36', 12' X 40', 12' X 45', 14' X 14', 14' X 18', 14' X 20', 14' X 24', 15' X 15', 15' X 20', 15' X 25', 15' X 30', 15' X 50', 16' X 16', 16' X 20', 16' X 24', 16' X 25', 16' X 30', 18' X 18', 18' X 20', 18' X 24', 18' X 25', 18' X 30', 20' X 20', 20' X 24', 20' X 25', 20' X 30', 20' X 35', 20' X 40', 24' X 24', 24' X 30', 24' X 36', 25' X 25', 25' X 30', 30' X 30'


No grommets, Grommets only in the (4) corners, Grommets spaced approximately @ 24", Grommets spaced approximately @ 18"


Material:  100% PVC Coated over Polyester Scrim
Fabric Weight:  18 oz. Per Square Yard
Thickness:  20 Mils
Color:  Optically Clear
Finish:  Mildew, Tear, Grease, Oil, Acid, Abrasion, Cold Weather Resistant
Waterproof, Heat Sealed Seams, Double stitched hem, and Durable clear welded seams
Grommets:  Rust-resistant brass grommets
Size:  The actual size is the same as the finished size

5 reviews for Clear Tarps – 20 Mil Vinyl Heavy Duty

  1. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    The clear vinyl tarp was delivered faster than I anticipated. This tarp is excellent quality! I used it to cover a part of my porch to block the wind and to keep the rain out. It worked perfectly! Also, it is nice to have the extra light through the clear tarp because it is very clear and easy to see through. I would buy again from here!

  2. Mark Jones (verified owner)

    Well made, good quality tarp. I wanted a good quality clear tarp to block out the rain and wind on my patio so my family can sit outside without being outside. And since it’s going to go on my patio, I was looking for one that wouldn’t look cheap or tacky. The clear tarp did the trick, and we’re very satisfied!

  3. Sarah Miller (verified owner)

    I’m installing a greenhouse at my nursery, and I bought several clear tarps to cover the frame of the greenhouse. I got mine custom made, and they did a beautiful job. I like how heavy set it is and how clear it is. It’s no glass, but I would say it’s probably close to it, but a tarp. It was delivered pretty fast, considering that it was custom made (only had to wait about two weeks). I could’ve gotten it faster if I drove to their store, but decided to wait. Very satisfied.

  4. Paul Anderson (verified owner)

    Last year, we ordered black tarps to cover our patio and outdoor furniture during the rainy and snowy months. It did the job, but this year, we wanted to get something that was more pleasant to look at. We ordered the clear tarp after doing some research online, and lined it along the patio, boxing it in. My wife loves how clean it looks! It let’s in light, so now we can actually sit on our patio even when it’s raining, which has been a nice treat for us and our dogs.

  5. Daniel Parker (verified owner)

    We bought two to keep the leaves and dirt out of our porch (we have high winds where we live). It did the trick perfectly! For people who have the same problem with leaves and dust blowing constantly blowing in, I recommend trying this out. The tarp is good quality, heavy, and works really nicely.

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