Medium Duty Blue Poly Tarp (PROMOTIONAL)


  • 6 Mil polyethylene
  • 08 x 08 Mesh count
  • 900 Denier
  • 4.5 oz/sq. yard
  • 3 Ply Material
  • UV Treated
  • Waterproof
  • Rot Proof
  • Arctic flexibility
  • Grommets:  Aluminum grommets / spacing approx. 18″

These poly tarps are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.

The sides are hemmed to prevent fraying and so the finished size has a tolerance of approx. -6″ at each side. 



  • Medium Duty Poly Tarp is a more affordable option that is great to use where flexibility and easy mobility is important for your project.
  • All finished poly tarps are approx. 6″ smaller than the size listed on the description (up to 3% smaller).
  • 6 mils thickness and 4 ounces per square yard.
  • This lightweight poly tarp is UV treated, waterproof, decay proof, and maintains flexibility in arctic weather.

Commonly used for:
– Camping/ Tents
– Picnics
– Outdoor Furniture cover
– Firewood Cover
– Fire Grill Cover
– Construction Roofing
– Painting
– Yardwork
– Storage Covering

For easy binding and installation, our Medium Duty Poly Tarps have rust-resistant aluminum grommets spaced every 18″ along all four sides of each tarp and have rope-reinforced edges and corners.